Security roles

Security classes are assigned to roles in order for users to be able to access the application. You assign roles to actors. The following table lists the default roles that are defined in the CTM application:

Security role Description
OOFAdmin_ST The OOF Administrator has full access across all OOF modules.
CTMAdministrator_ST The Cash and Treasury Administrator is responsible for setting up data and updating the data as needed.
CTMSecurityAdministrator_ST The Security Administrator can link security classes to roles, link roles to actors, link actors to specific cash accounts, and exclusive access to the Cash and Treasury Security menu.
CTMManager_ST The Manager is responsible for creating forecasts, and monitoring cash account statuses, debt and investment schedules, and cash positions.
CTMAnalyst_ST The Analyst is responsible for maintaining cash accounts, performing reconciliations, uploading and analyzing fee service statements, updating cash forecasts, and monitoring cash positions.
CTMAccountant_ST The Treasury Accountant is allowed to make postings from CTM to Infor Lawson GL.
CTMApprover_ST The Treasury Approver approves or rejects cash forecasts.
CTMWebAccess_ST Web access is a role given to people who are not directly involved with the forecasting process but need to be able to submit transactions/items that should be accounted for in the forecasts.
CTMViewer_ST The Viewer is allowed to see cash and treasury data, but is not allowed to update or take action on any data.

You can assign more than one role to an actor. For example, a manager could also be an approver and would need to be assigned the CTMManager_ST and the CTMApprover_ST security roles.