Setting up file channel receiver for PGP process flow

File channels must be set up before creating a file channel receiver. For more information, see Setting up file channels.

  1. Access Process Server Administrator > Administration > Channels Administrator > File Channels tab.
  2. Double-click a file channel to update.
  3. From the File Channel Receivers tab, select Actions > Create.
  4. Specify this information:
    Channel Name
    This field is pre-populated. Channel name should match the name on the File Channel form.
    Name of the receiver
    Description of the channel name
    File Name
    File extension of bank statements
    Select a process from the list
    • File Name
    • File Data
    • File Line
    Last Message Received Time
    Timestamp of the last time the channel received a message
    Startup Type
    • Automatic
    • Manual
    • Disabled
    Indicates if the file channel is active or inactive
    Last Error Time
    Timestamp of the last error
    Last Error Type
    Indicates the last type of error
    Last Error
    Error message of the last error
  5. Click Save.
  6. Once the file channel receiver record is created, select Actions > Activate.