Assigning an agent record to an actor record

You need to assign an Agent record to an Actor record before a user logs in to Infor Rich Client.

  1. Specify Agent in the Search box in the upper right corner of the application. Click Agent in the search results that are displayed.
  2. In the Agent List window, select the Agent Type with the Finance Group and Resource ID you want in the Name column.
  3. Click Actions > Open.
  4. To create a Parent Agent record, select the second Unique ID field (below the Business Object Ref field) and click the Define icon.
    1. Click the arrow next to the Actor field and select the Actor for the Parent Agent record.
    2. Click the Save icon. The Unique ID field is populated. Copy the Unique ID and close the Parent Agent window.
    3. On the Agent window, paste the Unique ID value into the Unique ID field.


    To select an existing Parent Agent record, click the arrow next to the second Unique ID field and select the unique ID of the Parent Agent record.

  5. Click the Save icon.