Sending a message

You can send a message about a period, process, sub process, or task from several places within the Manage Process area. The message can be directed to an individual resource or a team. The individual resource or each member of the team will receive a message in their home page Messages list.

  1. Select Close Setup > Manage Process and click the Manage Process, View Schedule, or Past Schedules tab.
  2. Right-click a period, process, sub process, or task and click Send Message.
  3. Use the following guidelines to specify field values:
    Message For

    Select Resource or Team.


    A user cannot send themself a message. If you are sending a message to a team and you are a member of that team, you will not receive the message.


    Select the employee or team that you want to send the message to.


    The editable field is automatically populated with the name of the period, process, sub process, or task you are sending a message about. Specify your message in the field below the Subject field.

    Require A Response

    Select this checkbox if a response to the message is required.

    Add An Attachment Or URL

    Specify the fields below to add an attachment or URL to the message.


    Specify a title for the message attachment.


    Click the Browse button to select the message attachment.

    File Type

    This field is automatically populated when you select a file to upload.


    If the message attachment is online, specify the URL to access the attachment.

  4. Click OK to send the message to the specified employee or team.