Creating a finance company

Finance companies are tied to a finance group and multiple companies can be tied to one finance group.


Creating a finance company is required if you are creating finance resources from HR11 Employee Records. A finance company is required for Cash and Treasury Management and Reconciliation Management. It is optional for AP Invoice Automation and Close Management.

  1. Select General Setup > Finance Companies.

    You can also select finance companies from General Setup > Finance Group > Companies tab or General Setup > Finance Companies.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to specify field values:

    Finance Group

    The finance group associated with your finance company.


    The company number. This must match an Infor Lawson Financials General Ledger company number.


    Companies cannot be loaded or selected from General Ledger companies if using a stand-alone application.

    Company Identifier

    This is for Non-Lawson systems, which is Alphanumeric, to include in reporting/journal entry output.

    Show Discounted Amount

    Select this check box to use the discounted amount of accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) transactions when compiling balance totals. If left unchecked, the full transaction amount will be used.

    Reconciliation Calendar

    Select a system calendar. Users can define different calendars for each company.


    This field is used for Reconciliation Management only.

    Reconciliation Period Group

    Select a reconciliation period group.


    This field is used for Reconciliation Management only.

  3. Click Save.