Scheduling a process

After you have defined your close process, create a schedule for when the process is to be completed.


Although you can combine different periods within a process (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), you should assign the shortest period to the process. The list for the periods to schedule are based on the period shown on the process. Scheduling of tasks is driven by the period end dates. If you are combining periods within a process, you should make sure they have matching period end dates.

For example, a process is set to weekly and has two tasks scheduled under it. If the first scheduled task is weekly and is scheduled to run on the 30th of the month while the second scheduled task is monthly and is scheduled to run on the 31st of the month, the monthly task will never be scheduled as there is no common period end date.

  1. Select Close Setup > Manage Process.
  2. Select the process and click the Schedule button.
  3. The Schedule window displays the defined period calendar for the process. In the Schedule section, select the Schedule From and Thru periods that the process schedule should be created for.
  4. Click OK. The process is now scheduled based on the specified dates and period groups.
  5. To view all scheduled process periods, click the View Schedule tab on the Close Management window.
  6. Review the scheduled begin and due dates to ensure they are the correct dates for your process. If you need to make any adjustments to the schedule or process, go back to the Manage Process tab and update the process definition. To see those changes on the schedule, repeat the schedule action for that period.

    Once the period has been opened for work, you are only allowed to change ownership on a process, sub process, or task.