Cash Reconciliation Example

When a Cash Reconciliation is scheduled for a period, the ledger amount from the back office is displayed in the top right corner. The last bank statement specified or imported and reconciled is the statement displayed for the reconciliation. The Open Bank Transactions Amount and the Bank Statement Balance fields in the upper right corner are retrieved from the bank statement reconciliation.

In the Period Details tab, you can attach any other pertinent information to the reconciliation. On the Reconciling Amounts tab, create any reconciling items for the period. The Ledger Transactions tab displays the general ledger transactions that were posted for that period. The Non Cash Account Journal Transactions tab displays any GL transactions that were not generated from the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Ledger applications. If needed, adjusting journal entries can be created on the Period End Distributions tab. For example, a write off of an item and amount.