Creating action reasons

Action reasons are used for certain actions taken by a user, such as rejecting, starting, voiding, or reopening a close task and rejecting or reopening a reconciliation. If your Finance Group is setup to require reason codes for any of these actions, set up those corresponding reason codes here. The codes are then used in the selection and validation of the reason code when the action occurs.

Action Subject
Reject Task Approval RejectTaskApproval
Start Task Late StartTaskLate
Void Task VoidTask
Reopen Task ReopenTask
Close Task Late CloseTaskLate
Reject Reconciliation RejectReconciliation
Reopen Reconciliation ReopenReconciliation
  1. Select General Setup > Action Reasons.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to specify field values:


    Select an existing Business Subject.

    Effective Date

    Select a date of effectivity of the action reason.

    Action Reason

    Specify a name for the action reason. For example, MISSINGRPT may be the action reason for RejectTaskApproval.


    Specify a description. For example, "Missing required report" may be the description for the action reason of MISSINGRPT.

    • Active

    • Inactive

  3. Click Save.