Linking tasks

If there is a dependency between tasks, you can link the tasks to make an association. For example, if one task cannot be started before another task is completed, you can create a link to ensure the tasks are completed in the correct order.

  1. Select Close Setup > Manage Process.
  2. On the Manage Process tab, select a task and click the Link button.
  3. Select Cannot Start or Cannot Complete from the drop-down list to specify that the task cannot start or complete before another task.

    Tasks that are being linked must be under the same top-level process. You cannot link tasks that are under different processes.

  4. Click the arrow next to the Before field to select the task that the linked task is dependent upon.
  5. Select the Wait For Approval checkbox to wait for an approval before the task can run.
  6. Specify any applicable notes in the Notes field.
  7. Click OK.