Setting up Async queues

Async queues are recommended as a best practice to split up the actions for concurrent processing or to control the processing in a single threaded format based on the Max Active Actions field. Async queues ensure that certain actions in a queue are completed before others to maintain data integrity.

  1. Access Async Administrator > Async Overview.
  2. From the Actions menu on the Queue View tab, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:


    Fields marked with asterisk (*) are required.

    • Close Management Queue

    • LMFIN Cube Queue


    Type a description of the Async queue.

    Max Active Actions
    • Close Management Queue - 8

    • LMFIN Cube Queue - 5


    Select this check box to suspend the Async queue.

    Save History

    Select this check box to save the history of the Async queue.


    Saving the history will consume space on your server.

    System Queue

    Select this check box to make the Async queue a system queue. This action is not recommended for Async queues.

  3. Click Save.