About Reconciliation Management

Reconciliation Management—a process that helps ensure the accuracy of an organization’s financial data—can be a complex, tedious, time-consuming, and highly manual process. Most organizations use a combination of multiple spreadsheets as well as home-grown financial analytics and business intelligence reports to perform and track the reconciliation process. But regulatory initiatives are rapidly making the manual reconciliation process unmanageable from a compliance perspective, as well as highly labor-intensive and expensive. To overcome these challenges, you need an automated reconciliation solution that meets your audit, compliance, and regulatory requirements, and frees up your finance staff so they can support more value-added tasks.

Infor Lawson Reconciliation Management—an automated reconciliation system—helps ensure the accuracy of your organization’s financial data and manages your account reconciliations. You’ll be able to reduce time, errors, risks, and costs, because the system allows information to flow freely and rapidly, contains audit trails, and is tightly integrated with Infor Lawson Financials.

You can effectively manage and perform reconciliations, streamline and optimize performance, reduce risk, and ultimately reconcile your accounts faster with Infor Lawson Reconciliation Management.

Account reconciliation is the most important internal control you can have over the quality and confidence of financial statements. Infor Lawson Reconciliation Management provides a real-time look into reconciliation performance, allows you to better manage account reconciliations, and streamlines processes to speed performance.

Reconciliation Management key features:

  • Provides a clear look at your reconciliations by monitoring the status, performance, and compliance metrics

  • Imports accounts directly from your chart of accounts

  • Defines the accounts that require reconciliations and determines whether to reconcile at the company or accounting unit level

  • Automatically reconciles accounts based on rules you define; also provides the simple and intuitive manual reconciliation option

  • Allows you to create reconciliation comments

  • Allows you to attach supporting documentation