AP Accrual Reconciliation Example

When an AP Accrual Reconciliation account is scheduled for the period, the ledger amount from the back office is displayed in the top right corner in the Ledger Amount field. In the back office, AP136 (Invoice Accrual Reconciliation) must be run with Currency Option selected as Base Currency. This program needs to be run for the period end date (the last date in the period). The AP136 total displays in the Detail Amount field in the upper right.

  1. In the period details tab, create a record without an amount and attach the AP136 report.
  2. On the Reconciling Amounts tab, create any reconciling items for the period. The Ledger Transactions tab displays the general ledger transactions that are posted for that period.
  3. If needed, adjusting journal entries can be created on the Period End Distributions tab. For example, a write off of an item and amount.

AP Accrual Reconciliation includes other tabs to aid in reconciliation. The Accrual Codes tab displays all accrual codes assigned to the account being reconciled. The Invoices Posted to Accrual Account tab displays any invoice with distributions to the account being reconciled. The Non AP Journal Transactions tab displays any GL transactions that were not generated from the Accounts Payable application.