Defining a process using Infor Spreadsheet Designer

Using Infor Spreadsheet Designer (ISD) is the recommended method for adding and maintaining your close structure. It is the most efficient way to add and change large amounts of data. Templates have been provided to get you started with loading and maintaining your close process.

Use the CloseTaskImportTemplate.xlsx to load your close process structure. The template has three sheets:

  • The Process sheet is used to import the top process summary record.

  • The Subprocess sheet is used to import sub process summary records under the process record.

  • The Task sheet is used to import task detail records under either the process or sub process records.

The sample template imports the following structure:

ISD Auto Seq Process 1

* ISD Auto Seq SubProcess 1

** Task A for Subprocess 1

** Task B for Subprocess 1

** Task C for Subprocess 1

* ISD Auto Seq SubProcess 2

** Task A for Subprocess 2

** Task B for Subprocess 2

* ISD Auto Seq SubProcess 3

** Task A for Subprocess 3

** Task B for Subprocess 3

** Task C for Subprocess 3

** Task D for Subprocess 3

  1. Modify the sheets to define your structure for loading.

  2. Use the upload actions to load each sheet individually or all sheets at one time.

Use CloseTaskUpdateTemplate.xlsx to update your close process structure:

  1. Query the database to load your close process records into the spreadsheet.

  2. Modify the records that you would like to update.

  3. Upload the records to the database.