Close security roles

Security classes are assigned to roles in order for users to be able to access the application. You assign roles to actors. The following table lists the default roles that are defined in the Close Management application:

Security role Description
CLOSEAdministrator_ST The Close Administrator is responsible for setting up Close data and updating the data as needed.
CLOSEApprover_ST The Approver is able to approve and reject close tasks.
CLOSEManager_ST The Manager is responsible for monitoring close task statuses and the close process.
CLOSESecurityAdministrator_ST The Close Security Administrator is able to assign security classes to roles and able to assign roles to actors.
CLOSEViewer_ST This role has read-only access to all of Close Management.
CLOSEResource_ST This role provies access to CLOSEResource webapp. Able to perform tasks associated with resource.
OOFAdmin_ST The OOF Administrator has full access across all OOF modules.