Main steps for security setup

  • Never turn off security. If you turn off security, you will not have a view of any business class defined as "encrypted."

  • Before a new user initially logs in, finish assigning all appropriate roles to the user.

The following are accomplished in the security setup:

  • Create default security roles

  • Assign security classes to roles

  • Provision the lawson actor

  • Use Lawson Security Foundation users to create actor IDs and access in Landmark

Use the Data Menu widget to:

  • Assign roles to actors

  • Create actor context records

  • Associate finance resource agents to actors

  • Create and activate an account lockout policy

  • Create and enable a password reset policy


    Actor context and agent records can also be maintained using the secadm utility.

For more information, see the Infor Landmark Technology User Setup and Security Guide.