Close security classes

The Close Management application includes several predefined security classes that grant access to the application based on a user's access requirements. The following table lists the security classes:


Some security classes have specific conditions that restrict access to some actions. For more detailed information on each security class, view the security class Lawson Pattern Language (LPL).

Security class Description


Access to CLOSEAdministrator webapp as well as allows access to all business classes specific to close setup such as creating processes, deleting processing, and scheduling/opening processes.
CLOSESecurityAdministration_ST Access to the CLOSESecurity webapp to setup actor role security.
CLOSEApproveTask_ST Allows access to business classes necessary for close task approval.
CLOSEResource_ST Access to CLOSEResource webapp. Able to perform tasks associated with resource.
CLOSEManagement_ST Access to CLOSEManager webapp. Able to send messages, send reminders, and manage process. Cannot add new process, delete processes, or schedule processes.
CLOSEViewer_ST View only access to the CLOSEManager webapp.


Allows inquiry access to set up information as well as Lawson views.
OOFCommonViewQueues_ST Allows full access to system, classic transaction, and email queues.
OOFCommonSetup_ST Allows full access to common set up items across modules.
OOFAccessToAllActions_ST Allows access to all functions and webapps.
ProductLineAccess_ST (GEN) Access to the product line (gen).
ProductLineAccess_ST (FinancialsProductLine) Access to the product line (application).
BasicProductLineAccess_ST Access to basic productline functions (application).
SpellingDictionaryAccess_ST (GEN) Allows access to the spelling dictionary. User can spell check text fields where spell check is available and add words to the dictionary. (gen).
RoamingUIProfileAccess_ST (GEN) Allows access to the la module and RoamingUIProfile business class (when the actor matches the RoamingUIProfile actor value). (gen).
JobQueueAccess_ST Access to the la module, email queue, and the ProcessFlow queue.
InbasketUser_ST Allows access to the Process Server Inbasket.
InbasketAdministrator_ST Allows access to the Process Server queues and lists, given to an administrator in order to monitor and maintain Infor Process Automation work units.
DataMenuAccess_ST Allows access to the Data Menu where additional views of data may be seen and updated.
GlobalUIConfigAccess_ST Access to the Default Presentation checkbox on Personalizations, which allows the user to make the personalized list definition the default presentation view for all users.


Access to Personalize list definitions.
ProcessServerAllAccess_ST Access to all functions within Infor Process Automation including setup and work units.
SecurityConfigAccess_ST Access to security configurations.
ScheduledActionsAccess_ST Access to schedule actions.