Reassigning an invoice

An invoice may be reassigned to a different AP processor if needed, depending on your company's requirements or rules. If an invoice is entered manually, it is automatically assigned to the processor who entered the invoice. Invoice assignment rules are only used when the invoice is generated by the imaging system.


When no invoice assignment rules apply to a certain invoice, it will be placed under the Unassigned tab in the Process Invoices page.

  1. Click Process Invoices.
  2. Select the invoice to be reassigned.
  3. Click Reassign AP Processor.
  4. Select the Assignment Method:
    • Auto Assign AP Processor: Allows the existing invoice assignment rules to determine the processor to reassign to.

    • Assign to Specific AP Processor: Manually assigns the invoice to a specific AP processor.

    • Assign To Me: Assigns the invoice to the user currently logged in.

  5. Click OK.