Processing an invoice for approval

Any finance resource defined in the AP Invoice Automation application with a login can be an approver.

You approve invoices on the Invoice Approval web page, which contains a subset of your inbasket, with only the invoices that you are responsible for.

  1. Access the Invoice Approval web page.
    • If you receive an e-mail notifying you that you have an invoice awaiting approval, click the link in the message to access the Invoice Approval web page.

    • Log in to AP Invoice Automation and check your notifications. Click the link on the approval notification to open the work unit for the invoice approval.

  2. On the Work Items tab, open and review the invoice that you are asked to approve. Click the Distributions tab to view the invoice distributions. Click the Approval History tab to see the invoicing routing history.
  3. Take action on the invoice.

    To approve the invoice:

    1. Optional. Type a comment.
    2. Click Approve.
      Note: The invoice disappears from the list of work items and is routed to the next resource on the routing list. The invoice appears on the Historical tab, but you can no longer take action.

    To reject the invoice:

    1. Click Reject.
    2. Select a reason code and type an action comment.
    3. Click OK.

      The invoice is returned to the AP processor who submitted it for approval. The work item disappears from your list, but the invoice still appears on the Historical tab with a status of Rejected.

    To reassign the invoice:

    1. In the Reassign To Approval Level field, select the routing level to which you want to route the invoice.
    2. Optional. Type a comment.
    3. Click Reassign.

      The routing levels that you can select are those defined on the invoice approval code. The invoice is routed to the level that you selected (which can be an individual, a team member, or a role). The work item disappears from your list, but the invoice still appears on the Historical tab with a status of Pending Approval.

  4. To check the status of any invoice that you are assigned to as an approver:
    1. Access Invoice Approval.
    2. Click the Historical tab.

      All the invoices that you are involved in are listed with their status.

    3. Open the invoice you are interested in to view the invoice details, the invoice distributions, and the invoice's approval history.