Uploading web services to AP Invoice Automation

  1. Verify the existence of this file on the Landmark Server:

    /[landmark install directory]/src/[productline]/wsdata/APAutomationWebServices.xls

  2. Verify that you have Infor Spreadsheet Designer loaded to the PC you will be performing this step from.
  3. Open Microsoft Excel and open the APAutomationWebServices.xls.
    1. Log on to Spreadsheet Designer as an OOF Admin.
    2. Select a data area. This would be your lmfin application data area.
    3. Select Infor > Upload > Upload All.

      The sheets for ListInputfield and ListOutputField are intentionally a heading row only with no records to upload.

  4. Log into Canvas as an OOF Admin and navigate to the WebService form by selecting AP Administrator > Utilities > Web Services.
  5. For each Web Service shown, open the record and perform FetchRuntimeWSDL.

    Within this runtime WSDL, you will see part of the URL as lwsdl. When you provide the URL to your imaging vendor, the first "l" is not needed.