Creating an invoice routing rule

Invoice Routing Rules are used to determine to whom an invoice should be routed to for approval. It is created in the same manner as Invoice Assignment Rules.

  1. Select AP Administrator > AP Automation Setup > Invoice Routing Rule.
  2. Click New.

    Use the following guidelines to specify field values:


    Specify a name for the routing rule.


    Specify a description for the rule.

    Invoice Routing Rule

    Select the custom group that determines the invoices that the invoice routing rule applies to. To create a new custom rule, see Creating custom groups for AP Invoice Automation.

    Auto Approve

    Select this check box if invoices using this rule should be automatically approved. If you do not select this check box, you must select an Approval Code.

    Approval Code

    If you did not select Auto Approve, select the approval code to use for the routing rule.

  3. Click Save.