Creating identity actors

Each APIA user who needs to interact with your imaging vendor will need the Identities created above attached to their actor record.

If your Approvers are only viewing the local image and NOT performing a Send For Payment action – they may not need Identity Actor records since they are not accessing the imaging vendor through APIA.


The WSBU actor you have defined in the file also needs to have Identity Actor records created.

There are two ways to create identity actors:

  1. Option 1: Create manually via Canvas forms.
    1. Search for Identity, open the Identity Actor form within security\Business Classes.
    2. From the Actions menu, select Assign Existing Identity to Actor.

      Use the following guidelines to specify field values:


      Name of the service created earlier


      Name of the identity you created above


      Actor who needs access to the imaging system

    3. Save the record.
    4. Close the Identity Actor forms.
  2. Option 2: Create via Spreadsheet designer.

    Use the following guidelines to specify field values:


    The lmfin data area

    Business Class




    Fields required

    Service, Identity, Actor