About AP Invoice Automation

Infor Lawson AP Invoice Automation (APIA) aims to simplify invoice entry, review and approval, reduce costs for processing invoices, and provide easy access to complete information about invoices.

AP Invoice Automation process

The following diagram illustrates the process flow of AP Invoice automation:

AP Invoice Automation key features

  • Simplified invoice entry

  • Workflow routing, review, and approval process

    • Visibility where an invoice is in the process

    • Ability to change the approval flow

    • Highly configurable electronic approval process

  • Integration to Infor Lawson Financials

    • Ability to look up data from vendor master

    • Payments process using Infor Lawson Accounts Payable

    • Invoice matching done using Infor Lawson Invoice Matching

    • Leverages the use of Infor Lawson General Ledger setup