E-mail queue

Use the E-mail queue to view all outgoing messages sent by the system.

When an e-mail is sent, it is recorded in the e-mail queue. The following information displays for each e-mail.

Field Description
Date The date and time on which the e-mail was submitted.
Execute Time The date and time at which the e-mail was sent, or the last time an attempt was made for a failed e-mail.
To The e-mail address to which the e-mail was sent.
Subject The subject line of the e-mail.
Content The beginning text lines of the e-mail itself.

The status of the e-mail:

  • New (an e-mail is added to the queue - when troubleshooting, check to make sure that the Async Framework is running)

  • Reset (retry a previously failed e-mail - reset e-mails return to the queue for execution)

  • Pending (an e-mail is processing)

  • Complete (an e-mail is finished)

  • Failed (an e-mail has failed - when troubleshooting, look for the error message and resolve the issue)