User interface

Discuss your needs with your implementation team and refer to the Landmark Administration documentation set.

Infor Rich Client

There are many features that are part of the standard Infor Rich Client functionality, such as:

  • Personalize - ability to customize columns in list forms

  • Print To File - ability to create PDF reports from any list

  • Export to CSV - ability to export lists to CSV files

  • Filter - ability to enable a filter on any list from the Filter icon (magnifying glass) in the tool bar

    Text fields let you specify partial field values to filter on. For example, on a list, if you are looking for either Anderson or Andersen, you can specify Anders in the Name sort field to display all list items with a name that starts with "Anders". You can also use the wildcard character (*) in place of unknown characters. For example, Anders*n would return all list items named Anderson or Andersen.

  • For amount fields, use the > (greater than) and the < (less than) sign.

  • Search - ability to locate forms in the application by typing a name or partial name

  • As Of Date - ability to view application data as of a past, current, or future date

  • Effective Date - ability to tell the system when a change should go into effect (schedule a change to a record)

  • Audit Logs - ability to view the history of changes made to a record

For detailed information on using the Rich Client user interface, see the Infor Rich Client User Guide.