Defining proxy users

Use this procedure to set up proxy users. There are two approaches to define proxy users:

  • Assign proxy security classes to existing roles. All actors with that role assigned to them will have the proxy functionality you assign.

  • Create new proxy roles and assign them as an additional role to actors. All actors that need the proxy functionality will have to have the additional proxy role assigned to them.

Consider the following information:

  • Each role that you want to allow proxy access for must be designated as proxyable in Role Management, whether you assign proxy access to the role or create an additional (secondary) role specifically for proxy access.

  • A role that is allowed to grant proxy access must be assigned the ProxyGrantorAccess_ST security class.

  • A role that is allowed to act as a proxy must be assigned the ProxyInquireAccess_ST security class.

  • A single role can be assigned both ProxyGrantorAccess_ST and ProxyInquireAccess_ST.


This procedure involves accessing the User Management and Proxy Management applications, which are part of the GEN data area. You must be an administrator with access to GEN to complete these steps.