System queues

On the Utilities menu, the System Queue option shows queues that contain useful information:

  • Classic transaction queue
  • E-mail queue
  • Process flow queue

For all product lines, there is one set of system queues per data area. You will not normally need to access these queues unless you encounter a problem, such as e-mail or transaction failures. The system continually resets and retries failed transactions. If the system recognizes a failure, an e-mail that identifies the problem record is sent to the user defined in the Landmark application's ConfigurationParameters table.

Before you can act on queues listed in this section, you must:

  • Configure the RMI Security Manager permissions on the server. For information, see the Infor Landmark Technology User Setup and Security Guide.
  • Start the Async Framework (using the managegrid start Async command)
    Note: The command to stop the Async Framework is managegrid stop Async. The commands are case sensitive -- you can run managegrid list to see what is running and the exact name of the node.

Entries in the queues continue to append until they are manually deleted or purged. Log files for the queues are stored in the location specified by the <LALOGDIR> variable.