Building a condition with the Condition Builder

The Condition Builder has three columns. You can add more than one condition on the Condition Builder. If you select Match All, all the conditions must be met. If you select Match Any, any one of the conditions must be met.


You must be familiar with the database structure of the business class and the values that exist (if you are going to use literal values).

Build conditions as follows:

  1. In the left column, select the field that you want to assign a condition to. For example, if you want to select employees for company 9100, select Company.

    The set of fields that are accessible is the set of fields included in the business class that you selected.

  2. In the middle column, select the condition operator, for example, "is equal to."
  3. In the right column, select Literal and specify the value. In this case, 9100.
  4. To add another condition, click the plus (+) button.
  5. If applicable, add another condition in the second row. For example, if you want only employees from the CORP process level to be eligible, select Company > ProcessLevel (left column) is equal to (center column) Literal CORP (right column).
  6. Continue adding your conditions until you are done. For example, to further limit the employee group to the ACCTG department, you would select Company > Department (left column) is equal to (center column) Literal ACCTG (right column).

    To remove a condition from the Condition Builder, click the minus (-) button next to the condition.

  7. When you are done with your conditions, click OK. All the conditions you defined are added in the Condition box separated by "and" or "or," depending on whether you selected Match All or Match Any. For example:
    (Company = 9100 and ProcessLevel = "CORP" and Department = "ACCTG")
  8. To remove a condition once it is created, simply remove it from the text box.

    The Condition Builder does not accommodate all scenarios. For example, if you want to pull employees from more than one department, you would have to edit the base condition within the text.

  9. To add more conditions, click the Builder button, specify your conditions as defined above, and click OK.

    When you click OK, the system asks you whether you want to replace the existing conditions with these conditions, or whether you want to append the conditions to the existing conditions. If you select Append, the conditions are added at the end of the other conditions.

  10. To preview the group of employees or bank statement lines generated by the condition, click the Preview button.