Creating or loading a resource

Resources can be loaded from HR11 employee records, or created individually and not tied to an HR11 employee record.


Resources cannot be loaded from HR11 employee records if using a stand-alone application. Resources are setup as "other" in stand-alone applications.


Upon successful addition of a Resource, the system will automatically create an Agent Record, with the key values of the Finance Group and Resource ID. You will need to tie the Agent record to an Actor record before the user logs in to Infor Rich Client.

  1. Select Resources > Resources.
  2. Select one of the following methods to create resource records.

    To load Lawson HR employees from a user-defined custom group:

    1. Click Create Resources From Custom Group.
    2. In the Custom Group field, select the custom group you want to use to load employees or create a new custom group.

    To create a single Lawson or non-Lawson resource:

    1. Select Resources > Resources.

      Use the following guidelines to specify field values.


      Select the company and the employee from the lists. After saving, the employee fields will be populated from the Lawson HR record.


      Specify the employee name and the e-mail address for the employee to receive notifications. Other information is optional.

    2. Click Save. The Invoice Approval Assignments tab appears.

      The Invoice Approval Assignments tab is only used for AP Invoice Automation.