Security class and role templates

The following table illustrates how security classes are assigned to roles in AP Invoice Automation. This can be a starting point for your security implementation. There are no specific rules regarding the assignment of security classes to roles; you can assign any class to any role.

  • Approver = APIAApprover_ST

  • Viewer = APIAViewer_ST

  • Processor = APIAClerk_ST

  • Manager = APIAManager_ST

  • Admin = APIAAdministrator_ST

  • OOFAdmin = OOFAdmin_ST

Security class Approver Viewer Processor Manager Admin OOF Admin
APIAViewInvoice_ST X
APIAApproveInvoice_ST X
APIAProcessInvoice_ST X X
APIAManualApproval_ST X
APIAViewerMenu_ST X
APIAApproverMenu_ST X
APIAProcessorMenu_ST X
APIAManagerMenu_ST X
APIAReassignApprover_ST X
OOFCommonViewInformation_ST X X X X X X
OOFCommonViewQueues_ST X
OOFCommonSetup_ST X
OOFAccessToAllActions_ST X
ProductLineAccess_ST (GEN) X X X X X X
ProductLineAccess_ST (FinancialsProductLine) X X X X X X
BasicProductLineAccess_ST X X X X X X
SpellingDictionaryAccess_ST (GEN) X X X X X X
RoamingUIProfileAccess_ST (GEN) X X X X X X
JobQueueAccess_ST X X
InbasketUser_ST X X
InbasketAdministrator_ST X X
DataMenuAccess_ST X
GlobalUIConfigAccess_ST X X
PersonalizationAccess_ST X X
ProcessServerAllAccess_ST X X
SecurityConfigAccess_ST X X
ScheduledActionsAccess_ST X X

Web app pages and other menus

Security role Web app page/menu

WebApp page

  • Browser Invoice Approval Page

WebApp menu

  • Browser Invoice Approval Menu


WebApp page

  • AP Viewer Invoices Page

WebApp menu

  • AP Viewer


WebApp page

  • AP Processor Invoices Page

WebApp menu

  • AP Processor


WebApp page

  • AP Manager Invoices Page

WebApp menu

  • AP Manager


WebApp ImageMap

  • AP Administrator

Other menus

  • Finance Administrator Set Up AP Auto Menu

  • AP General Finance Setup Menu

  • Finance Resource Menu

  • AP Automation Utilities

  • Finance System Queue