Using Reporting Services rights

The following provides guidelines and restrictions when implementing Reporting Services rights.


When an InfoSet is the input for an alert and also has Reporting Services rights, these rights will only be applied when the alert is accessed uisng the ShowDetails servlet and not delivered using email.

The rights will only be applied for a user when:

  • The user is not the owner of the alert whose InfoSet(s) have rights
  • The user must have a right, either through user name or role access, for the structure applied to the InfoSet.
Note: The owner of the alert will always see the entire alert, the rights for the alerts underlying InfoSet will not be applied.

Setting up Rights in Reporting Services

Consider the following when setting up rights in Reporting Services:

  • Single and double quotes in an elements value are not allowed and will not work with the implementation of rights in Smart Notification.
  • The wildcard character * will be applied in Smart Notification in the same manner it is in the Reporting Services rights environment, which means all values can be accessed.


The following applies when audition is turned on. Working with auditing

Note: InfoSets that do not have rights applied to them will process as they did in previous versions of Smart Notification.

The SQL that is generated for an InfoSet that has rights applied to it will be written to the FILTERDEFINITION column of the SNAUDIT table. The owner of the alert will not have any rights applied to the InfoSet and therefore will not have the SQL written to the SNAUDIT table.

If a user (who accesses an alert that they are not the owner of that’s based on an InfoSet that has rights applied to it) was not given either user or role access to the right the user will not see anything in the alert (besides the alert column names) from the applicable InfoSet. The SNAUDIT table FILTERDEFINITION column will have no SQL returned for user {userid} and InfoSet {infosetName} user may not have privileges for the right assigned to this InfoSet. written to it.

The rights will only be applied to the InfoSet rows whose ROWISNEW column is equal to 1. Any InfoSet condition that includes InfoSet rows where ROWISNEW is not equal to 1 will not be included in the result after applying the rights.