Set the connection to Reporting Services

Follow these steps to set the connection for Smart Notification to access the Reporting Services database for rights filtering.

  1. In WebSphere, navigate to Resources > JDBC > Data sources.
  2. Verify that the Reporting Services JNDI name is in the same scope as the Smart Notification JNDI name.
  3. In Smart Notification, navigate to Admin > Settings > System Configuration Assistant.
  4. In the Sysconfig Assistant, verify the Reporting Services JNDI name appear in the LRS JNDI Name: field. For example:jdbc/LawsonRS
  5. If you updated the name, click Save Changes. You can also create a new JNDI name for the connection that points to the same database as Reporting Services.

    If in https, ensure that post installation steps for an https instance are completed before using this feature.