Adding files links

File links are dynamic links that you build from InfoSets and notifications to web sites and documents. You include these links so that users can quickly access additional information pertaining to the notification.

See Working with file links.

Use this procedure to modify the file links in your InfoSet.

  1. Go to the Specify Links of the InfoSet wizard.
  2. Click File Links to view a list of the InfoSet's file links and locate the file link to modify.
  3. Click Add File to add a file link.
  4. Specify this information:
    Specify the file link name or a short description. This information is displayed in the notification.
    Specify the location of the file to which you want to link. The location can be a file server or URL.

    You can use context-independent links within InfoSets. See Context-independent links.

  5. To remove the file link from the InfoSet, click the red X.