Creating a PARAMCOUNT or PARAM# query string variable

Use this procedure to create a PARAMCOUNT or PARAM# query string variable to custom filter at the InfoSet level. Use these variables to specify the total number of parameters to pass and the parameters to assign the selected links value.

  1. Open the InfoSet wizard and click Specify Links.
  2. Click Application Link to view a list of the InfoSet's application links and locate the application link to modify.
  3. Click Add Class Link to add a new application link.
  4. Specify this information:
    Specify a name for the link.
    Specify URL.
    Specify the query string. For example: [EFS]FSRemote?fsid=SN:SN-LSN 9:997&paramcount=1&param0=[VENDORID]
    • EFS is the location defined in urls.xml, which is found on the LSN server.
    • SN:SN-LSN 9:997 indicates the URL to a specific notification.
    • [VENDORID] is the field within the notification to which you are linking.