Rendering options

Rendering options are the various parameters that you can apply to your notification's rendered objects. Rendered objects include:

  • Tables

  • Traffic lighting

  • Charts

  • Dials

  • Scales

  • Buttons

Each of these rendered object types requires specific parameters.

You can specify default rendering options in the Rendering_Config.xml document. However, you can specify alternative rendering options when you create or edit your notification. The rendering options that you specify in the Notification wizard override the Rendering_Config.xml rendering options.


Do not modify Rendering_Config.xml unless you can write well-formed XML. Any errors in this file prevent Smart Notification's rendering function from working at all.

Always backup Rendering_Config.xml before you modify it.

Rendering options provide you with flexibility when building a notification because you apply individual rendering options directly to the object rather than creating a template and attaching that template to the notification.