Setting the default Burst/User search InfoSet

Use this procedure to create a Default Burst/User InfoSet. The Default Burst/User InfoSet is important because it is the one used by the hierarchical analysis displays.

  1. Create an InfoSet that reads information about your employees from a data source, for example, from a relational database.
  2. These are the InfoSet column requirements:
    An employee ID column
    This column must be in the first column of the InfoSet. This column must be categorized as Contact Data > Employee/User ID.
    One email column must be provided.
    You must provide at least one email column. This column must be categorized as Contact Data > Email, and the Burst On box must be checked.
    The supervisor for each employee
    You must provide the supervisor for each employee in a column. For hierarchical analysis to work This column must be categorized as Contact Data > Supervisor ID.
    Note: The login IDs can be different from the values used to represent employees in the data. For example, a user logs in as jsmith, but appears in data as 2740. Use the values in the data for the data in the Employee/User ID and Supervisor ID. Then, provide a column that contains the login IDs, for example, jsmith.
  3. After saving the InfoSet, click Admin > System Settings.
  4. From the Default Burst/User Search Infoset, select the InfoSet you created.
  5. Click Save.