InfoSets overview

InfoSets are the groups of data that you use in notifications or with other deliverable content. InfoSets extract data from the data sources that you set up. For more information on data sources, see Using data sources.

Use the InfoSet wizard to specify how you want the data to be formatted. For example, if your InfoSet contains data for a birth date, you can specify the label and date format to display on your notifications. Use the InfoSet wizard to assign direction to the date, data to a category, or to add links to other applications or URLs.

  • Internal InfoSets

    InfoSets that you manage internally in the Smart Notification system. You can use internal InfoSets to map information such as employee IDs to employee e-mail addresses. Internal InfoSets are useful for bursting and hierarchical analysis.

  • Special InfoSets

    InfoSets that you set up and use for hierarchical analysis and bursting. Special InfoSets contain information about employees and other people to whom you want to deliver notifications and content.

    See Bursting and hierarchical analysis.