Working with application links

  1. Click the Edit link for the notification you want to modify.
  2. Go to Related Info.
  3. Click Customize Links.
  4. Select Customize the links using the information below.

    If the InfoSet for the current table has Application Links defined the Links to Applications section is shown. You may select which Application Links are to be available on this table, and where those links are to be placed. Some Application Linkers have the ability to dynamically generate links based on the values in each row of data in the table. On this page, you see all of the links that are possible from this table, but when a user views the finished notification, the actual available links may vary from row to row, depending on the data. Enter a useful comment so that users know what each link does.

    You can select whether these links are direct. Direct links are generated when the notification content is generated. Links that are not direct point back to the Smart Notification server, which generates the destination link when the user clicks on the notification. Direct links can be used to call javascript functions in the template. Links from charts are not direct, and the server always generates them when the user clicks the link.

    To learn more about adding a custom link to a notification, see Root Cause Analysis.