Application links

Application links are dynamic links that you build from InfoSets to Lawson and other third-party applications. You include these links so that users can access additional information pertaining to the notification. Both File Links and Application Links are added to InfoSets:

  • File Links are displayed in notifications if the template has the correct tag included.
  • Application Links are displayed in the notification tables automatically.

Application links use Java classes that are built into Smart Notification and other third-party applications. When you build an application link, Smart Notification uses the Java classes to dynamically build a URL. The URL is available to the user through the notification's Detail link.


You set up an accounts receivable notification and include an application link to the Lawson AR10 form. When users receive the notification, they can click the Detail link corresponding to a specific customer and go directly to AR10 for addition accounts receivable information.

See Links to Lawson Enterprise applications.