Adding or modifying notifications

Use this procedure to create a new notification or modify an existing notification. You can also use this procedure to modify an existing notification and save it as a new notification.

This procedure provides information about navigating to the Notification wizard and general information about how to set up and save a notification. For specific instructions about the individual setup steps in the Notification wizard, see the other procedures in this chapter.

  1. Click Notifications.
  2. Select one of these options:
    • Click Add to create a new notification. The Select Facts of the Notification wizard is displayed.
    • Click Edit next to an existing notification to modify an existing notification or create a new notification based on an existing notification. The Conditions Facts of the Notification wizard appears.
  3. Complete the Notification wizard.
  4. Click Save to name and save the notification. Your notification is displayed in the Smart Notification screen under the group to which you saved the notification.