Scheduling administration

  1. Click Admin > Schedule Administration.
  2. In Select InfoSet/Alert select:
    • All InfoSets/Alerts to see all view all scheduled jobs.
    • An InfoSet or alert to see only the jobs for that particular infoset or alert.
  3. Click Get Scheduled Jobs. A list of scheduled jobs is displayed.
  4. Specify this information:
    Job Schedule Name
    The name the user specified when scheduling the job. Click Edit to change the job schedule or click the X to delete the job.

    For more information on modifying the job schedule, see Working with the Smart Notification scheduler.

    Infoset/Alert Name
    The name of the Infoset or Alert the job is scheduled to update or process.
    The frequently that the job is run. Values are Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
    Indicated whether the job is enabled or disabled. Click Disable to stop a job from running without having to delete the job or click Enable to restart a previously disabled job.
    Processing Server
    The server the update or process will process on.
    Last Run Date
    The last time the job ran.
    Next Process Date
    The next time the job is scheduled to run.