Using styles during the creation of dynamic content

The following are the cases where styles are used during the creation of the dynamic content.

  • The formatting for the table cells that are generated to present reports and facts cannot be easily set with the template, and so cascading style sheets can be used to define the style for these cells. The tokens affected are:
    • [values]
    • [values1]
    • [values2]
  • External renderers do not have access to the template within which the renderer has been specified and so renderers are allowed to create content that references styles by name. The system replaces the style names with the definition of the style if required. The tokens affected are:

    • [renderer=x]
    • [renderer1=x]
    • [renderer2=x]

In order to let the template define styles for tables the system will read in style sheets defined in the header of the template and use those style definitions during the creation of tables. The system will only use styles with specific names in the creation of content. Each style in the template must be defined on one line.