To work with InfoSet statuses

Smart Notification shows a status for each InfoSet. An InfoSet's status is based on the last update.

  1. Click Admin > Work With InfoSets .
  2. Click the group name that contains the InfoSet. All of the group's InfoSets and their descriptions is displayed.
  3. Click the InfoSet's status link for more information about the status.

    This table contains the statuses and their descriptions.


    Indicates that the InfoSet is a Lawson internal InfoSet. This status also indicates that the InfoSet is not updated.

    You can use a Lawson internal InfoSet to connect to an existing data source (for example, you can build an internal InfoSet that links to a specific table within a database). Lawson Internal InfoSets are used in the Smart Notification Financials Solution Pack.

    Smart Notification allows you to store and manage these internal InfoSets from within the Smart Notification application.

    Not Cached

    Indicates that the InfoSet's data is retrieved each time a notification using an InfoSet is processed. These InfoSets do not display a meaningful status.


    Indicates that the InfoSet was successfully updated.


    Indicates that the InfoSet is in the queue for updating or processing.


    Indicates that Smart Notification is updating the InfoSet.


    Indicates that errors occurred during the update. To read about the errors, click the Errors link.


    Indicates that warning occurred during the update. To read about the warnings, click the Warnings link.

    When you click the Warnings link, Smart Notification attempts to update the InfoSet.

    Needs Updated

    Indicates that the InfoSet needs to be updated. This status appears after you modify the InfoSet.

    Metadata Errors

    Indicates that errors exist in the InfoSet's metadata. You must fix the errors before you can successfully update the InfoSet.

    No Data

    Indicates that the update occurred, but that the server did not return any data.