Modifying InfoSet data

Use the procedure in this section to modify the data in a small to medium-sized InfoSet.

You can modify the data in any InfoSet. Because internal InfoSets do not have data sources, you can use this procedure to input data and edit the data.

For all other InfoSets, modify the data for testing or demonstration purposes. For example, if you create a new notification and need data that is not available from the data source, you can edit the InfoSet to include the data to confirm that the notification is working correctly.

Note: Any edits that you make to the data source are overwritten the next time Smart Notification updates the InfoSet.
  1. Click Admin > InfoSet Data Editor to open the InfoSet Editor screen which shows names and descriptions of the Internal InfoSets.
    Note: Click the Show All link to view a list of all InfoSets.
  2. Click the Edit link for the InfoSet to modify to open the Edit screen.
  3. Click the field to edit and modify the data. You must specify dates in the format that they are read in. If the InfoSet already has date content, then you must use the same format. Milli and micro dates are not currently supported in the InfoSet data editor.
    • New Row

      Add a new blank row to the end of the data set.

    • Clear All

      Clear all of the data from the data set.

    • Save

      Save your changes. Smart Notification displays a screen containing the modified data set.

    • X

      Click to delete the row of data.