Modifying a template

  1. Click the Edit link for the corresponding template. The Add/Edit HTML or Text view is displayed.
  2. Specify this information:
    Name, Description
    Specify a name and a description for the template.
    This is a master template
    Select this check box to indicate that this template is used as a master template. If you select this option, you can use this template as a master for other templates.
    Enable this template inside another
    Select this check box to embed the template inside of another. This option indicates which master template a template should use.
    Enter HTML
    Specify the HTML for the template. You can also paste HTML into this box from a web page editing application.

    For more information about template tokens, see Templates.

    Applicable Device Types
    Select the device type or device types to which you want to apply the template.
    All device types

    Select this check box to apply the template to all device types.

  3. Click Preview to preview the template. The template preview feature opens a preview of a template in a new window. The system creates some sample data and then generates an example of the kind of content that this template will create for delivery.
    Note: The sample data is the same every time and cannot be modified. You do not need to upload the file or HTML to the repository for the preview to work.