Context-independent links

Context-independent links are file links that get their path information from the urls.xml document. The urls.xml document is located in the directory of configuration files. The default location for this directory is: LBI_HOME\SN_HOME\conf\urls.xml.

Context-independent links enable you to include the same link in many notifications without having to maintain the link information in every notification. You can also create context-independent links that are easy to transfer from one server to another. For example, you can create your notifications on a development server and then move them to a production server.

With context-independent links, you can add link information to the urls.xml document, and then you add the link reference to InfoSets or notifications. When Smart Notification processes the notifications that contain the link reference, the urls.xml document writes the proper link information to the notification.

When you need to update the notifications' link, go to urls.xml and change the file link path. The next time you process the notification, the link urls.xml document updates the link information.


To include a reference to a human resources procedures document in several InfoSets and notifications, access urls.xml and build a link to that document, such as <property name="HR_DOCS" value="http://hr-test/version1/docs"/>.

To add the link reference in your InfoSets or notifications, you access the InfoSet Wizard or the Notification Wizard and add this file link: [url=HR_DOCS]/annual_review_guide.doc.

To update the all instances of the link, you access the urls.xml document and modify the link to <property name="HR_DOCS" value="http://hr-live/guidelines/docs"/>. When Smart Notification processes your notifications, your notifications contain the updated link.