Using the solution pack import tool

This tool enables you to import pre-packaged Solution packs. These solutions packs contain InfoSet definitions and notifications designed to work with various Lawson and third party applications.

A list of previously imported solution packs, if any, is provided at the bottom of the screen, together with the version number.

Smart Notification Solutions have a four digit version number. The first three digits indicate the version of the application the solution is designed to work with, while the last digit indicate the version of the solution pack.

For example, version of the solution for Financials would be the first release of a solution pack for version 8.0.3 of the Lawson Financials.

  1. Click Admin > Solution Pack Import. The Import Solution Pack screen is displayed.
  2. Specify the path and file name to the Solution Pack, or click Browse to select for it.
  3. Click Submit to import the Solution Pack.