Adding a file system data source

  1. Click Admin > Work with InfoSets > Add .
  2. Select File System from the Specify list.
  3. Specify this information:
    Specify the top level directory that Smart Notification uses to get file information. This path must be accessible from the server the system is running on or a mounted network drive.

    If you are trying to use a non-Windows server as a data source, it might be necessary to use a third-party product to map from the Smart Notification Windows server to a non-Windows server. For more information, see your system administrator.

    Find File Recursively
    Select this check box to make Smart Notification check child directories for files.
    Optionally, specify the file extension to include in the InfoSet. For example, to include only log files, specify .log.

    If you leave this field blank, Smart Notification includes all of the path's files in the InfoSet.

  4. Click Preview after you have completed the fields on the form.Smart Notification returns a data sample based on the query you provided.
    • If you have specified any parameters for the data source, a form listing the parameters along with text boxes appears. Use this form to specify a value for each parameter.
    • If Smart Notification does not return data, check your query statement for errors.