Working with slave server administration

Slave Server Administration allows you to change the affinity of a slave server. This process binds the slave server so it can only run process directed to itself. When a slave server is unbound, it can pick up any queued processes.

Note: The master server is always bound to itself. The master server will only process what has been directed to it, no matter what the Slave Affinity settings are set to.

You can use horizontal scaling to enhance the performance of Smart Notification.

Use the instructions in this section to bind or unbind a slave server.

  1. Click Admin > Slave Server Administration.
  2. In Slave Server Administration, change the check box of the slave server you want to bind or unbind. An update message is displayed after the change has been made.
    Note: A slave server is bound by default. You can bind a schedule to a slave server provided that all slaves are bound. You can also bind a schedule to an unbound slave server as long as all the other slave servers are bound.