Working with bounced emails

The email monitor can be used to periodically monitor email addresses for bounced messages. The monitor can also report the specific bounced messages in the activity log for the intended user.

Due to the asynchronous nature of the SMTP servers, the system does not immediately detect some errors. Some errors are detected not by the system's SMTP server host, but are reported by the utility receiving server as a reply message.

You must use the task scheduler utilities provided with the operating system, such as the Window's Task Scheduler and cron on Unix, to create a task that will invoke the email monitor on a schedule.

The email monitor is invoked using a URL composed of:

  • The system connection information
  • The POP3 server parameters

For example, if the system is deployed port on 80 on the server, the URL would be<your-pop3-server>&mail-user=<user-ID>&mail-password=<password>


Variable Description
your-pop3-server The name or IP address of the POP3 server hosting the email address to monitor.
user-ID The user name of the email account to monitor. For some POP3 servers, this value may be the actual email address.
password The password used to authenticate the user specified above. It should be noted that
Note: This information is not encrypted and may be easily viewable.

If you do not have these values, contact your network administrator.