Creating links to Lawson forms

Note: Before you create application links, you must define the server location. For example, LID, PSA, and Lawson Portal. You can add server location information in the Application Integration section of the Smart Notification Install Validator.

To access the Install Validator, go to the Admin Utilities screen and click the Install Validator link. For more information about the Install Validator, see the Infor BI for Lawson Installation Guide.

  1. Complete Adding files links.
  2. Specify the application link selection information.
  3. Click Application Link Selection to view a list of the InfoSet's application link selections and locate the link selection to modify.
  4. Specify this information:

    Click Add to add a map link.

    Specify the application link name to display on the web page.
    Selection Type
    Select the type from the list.
    Column Names
    Select the names from the list.
    Click the red X to remove the application link selection item.